About Us

Meet the Baldie behind Baldare

After chopping all my hair off in 2018, I discovered myself (corny I know!). I began a tough, yet, fulfilling journey to become the woman I always wanted to be: fearless, confident, and unapologetic. As I grew, my need for scalpcare grew. Sadly, I could only find scalpcare that grew hair, but nothing to treat my scalp concerns. I was forced to use my favorite skincare products on my scalp, leaving very little product between the two. Enough was enough, I needed scalpcare that focused on treating my scalp...not just growing my hair! I realized I had a problem that many Baldies, like me, shared. I decided to create long lasting scalpcare solutions for every and any Baldie. That's when Baldare was born! I am so grateful for the opportunity to create scalpcare for the Baldie community. Thank you for trusting me and Baldare with your beautiful scalp!



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