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We are here for the Baldies who just love being bald! Gone are the days when we are forced to buy "hair growth" serums and use our favorite skincare on our scalp!

Baldare was created to empower EVERY Baldie on their healthy scalp journey.

Get to Know Us

There is a number of unique stories behind every Baldie. There are Baldies "by choice" and others who are bald due to health conditions. Nonetheless, these amazing Baldies embrace the beauty of being bald. So, it is only right that they are given the oppurtunity to love their scalpcare products too. It is important to have scalpcare for this community and to have organic, vegan, and cruelty-free scalpcare that can be used on all Baldies. That is where we come in!

"This is a family...a family of individuals brave enough to face outdated societal standards of beauty, with grace."

Chidi, CEO & Founder

Hey Baldie, my name is Chidi!

I began my Baldie journey in 2016 after a bad breakup that left me feeling less than my best self. Little did I know, I would find a new love for myself that I never knew I was capable of! As a new Baldie, I could only find scalpcare that "grew hair" or focused on balding men, but I could't find anything to simply take care of my scalp concerns. I was forced to use my favorite skincare products on my scalp, leaving very little product in the end. I used it all up! I realized I had a problem that many Baldies, like me, shared. We don't want to grow our hair (some of us simply cannot), we want to love our scalps! That is why I created scalpcare products for the everyday Baldie.

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